Getting Started

Getting Started


How you get started differs from school to school and teacher to teacher. This page is our guide to help you along.


Step 1. Use Free Versions

A) Teach Game Design For Free.
If you haven’t checked it out already, you can teacher our Game Design course for free (forever). Game Design is an industry term that describes the process of designing a game. Many of the skills you need to design a game are similar to designing a board game. We also include other important topics such as copyright, ethics, and history. This course is a good way to ramp up to programming. View Demo. Download & Install

B) Teach Game Programming (C#).
If you are ready, step up to our Game Programming (C#) course. You can evaluate it for free, but you need to license it to teach to a class (site license: $1500 for up to 200 students). View Demo. Download & Install

Step 2. Request Teacher Materials

In order to access the teacher’s guide and question bank, you must have a teacher confirmed account. In your admin panel, select resources and “Request Teacher Materials”.

Step 3. Buy Game Programming (if you plan on teaching Game Programming)

Request a quote or send a purchase order to Please let us know the teacher’s name (if not you), start date, and student count.

Step 4. Installs

A) Lab Installs.
If you have created an account, you can use the evaluation activation key to install your licenses on lab machines. Help.

B) Student Installs.
Student installs, are done via coupon codes. You can generate coupon codes for Game Design in your portal. We generate coupon codes for the C# course as part of the purchase process. Student Instructions  Teacher Instructions

Visit our Q&A section and our documentation area.