Starting a Class – Teachers

Starting a Class – Teachers

Classes are created by assigning students coupon codes which are found on your admin pannel at

Step 1: Register as an Educator 

If you have already created a Teacher’s account, you may skip step 1.


Here you can choose to be identified as an Educator. An Educator is a teacher or a school administrator. If you are not using this course as a teacher or school administrator, click Student. Once all the fields are completed and the terms of service are accepted, click “Register”.

Step 2:  Verify your email address

The next step is to verify your email and validate yourself as a registered user of either the Game Design curriculum, the Game Programming Curriculum, or both. . Go to your email account you used to sign up for the course. You will see an email from GG|Interactive asking you to verify your registration. Click “Verify” to activate your account. Once activated you will be able to log in with your user name and password.


Step 3: Create an organization

You can now access your account Dashboard where you can create an organization (school) from where your students will find and join your class(es).

New create org image

Click “Create Organization” to bring up this window. Fill in the name of your school or organization and click the green “Create Organization” button.

create Org

Note: On your Organizations Page you will now be able to enter the details of your school or organization, as well as your students.

Step 4: Select Products

Next you will select the products you will be teaching.


Click “Select Products”. Note the process for selecting the Game Design course (free forever) is slightly different than the Game Programming course (purchase required).

Select – Game Design

To establish your Game Design class, you will first need to select the number of student licenses you will need. Since this is a free forever course, your student coupon codes will instantly generate by clicking “Get Started”. You can always add more student licenses, and they will always be free for the Game Design curriculum.



You can now launch the course online or download it. Downloading the course gives students and teachers the complete curriculum, as well as the software for exercises; while the online version only contains the lessons and exercise instructions. This allows teachers to assign lecture videos and reference text as homework to allow lab time in class.

game desisn add on

Teachers will also want to request their teacher’s only resources (assessments, answer keys, etc.) on this page. Click Resources and you will be prompted to submit your request. At this point we will verify your account is an actual teacher’s account, and not a student’s account, to ensure no students receive teacher’s only material. This verification process can take up to two business days. Once verified, via email, return to the Resources tab and download your teacher’s only resources.

Select – Game Programming

To establish your Game Programming class(es), first select “Purchase Now”. You will NOT be asked for any payment information at this time. This button merely gives you the option to evaluate the course before moving forward to purchasing it and teaching a class. Next, select the number of students you will need coupon codes for. You will need to purchase one coupon code for each student. Finally, click “Place Order.” At this point, you will be able to download the curriculum to prepare for your class(es).

game prog2

Again, you will NOT be asked for any payment information at this point. A sales representative will contact you within 2 business days to discuss payment options and to issue your student coupon codes. Give one code to each student and direct them to to access their materials. Note that if students are taking the course(s) in a school lab where the curriculum is already installed, they can skip this process. However, they still need input their coupon codes to join your class.

By completing the Select Products stage, you automatically send a request to GG|Interactive for your teacher’s upgrade. This gives access to teacher’s only material, such as the teacher’s guide and the assessment questions and answers. During this stage, we will confirm you are indeed a teacher, and not a student. This is usually a quick vetting process but can take up to two business days to complete. Keep checking back over the next day or two for your confirmation email. Once received, your account will be upgraded to teacher status.

If you have any problems you can ask a question on the Community Page or contact us directly by email at

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