Course Download and Install Process – Students

Course Download and Install Process – Students

As a student with a teacher running a class, you should follow this process to register and receive your material for your class(es).

Step 1: Register yourself as a student

To access the curriculum, you will first need to register as a student here.


Fill in all fields and be sure to click “Student”. You will see a reminder that, in addition to registering, you will need a coupon code from your teacher.

Step 2: Check your email and verify your email address

You will then see this screen, indicating that you have been sent an email.

student v email


The next step is to verify your email and validate yourself as a registered student. Go to your email account you used to sign up for the course. You will see an email from GG|Interactive asking you to verify your registration. Click “Verify” to activate your account. Once activated you will be able to log in with your user name and password.


If you did not receive an email, click “Resend Email”. If you still have not received an email from us, check the email address you registered with and make sure it is correct.

Step 3: Log in to your account

You will now be prompted to log in to the account you just verified.


Step 4: Join a class

You will now advance to the next step in the process: entering your coupon code to join a class.

student join

In order to download and install either the Game Design or the Game Programming curriculum you will use a coupon code (16 digits with dashes) THAT YOUR TEACHER WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH along with a link. Go to the link provided by your teacher or click “Redeem Coupon Code” as seen above on your account page. Now copy and paste (or carefully type) the coupon code your teacher gave you into the proper field. If your teacher has not yet given you a coupon code, contact your teacher and request your personal coupon code. When the correct coupon code is entered, click “Let’s go!”.


You have now joined the class your teacher has established.

Step 5: Install the course materials (Check with your teacher first)

As a student, your teacher may have already set up your computer lab with the curriculum installed and ready to go. Ask your teacher before going any further with these steps. If your teacher instructs you to self install the curriculum, continue following these instructions.

Click “Downloads” in your Dashboard.


Now you will be taken to the final step where you will download the curriculum onto your computer.


On the Downloads Page, you will see these instructions:

install 1


By clicking the “Programming Prerequisites Installer” button you will begin the process to download and install the curriculum your teacher as assigned to you.


At the beginning of this install process, students we be asked to input their coupon code they received from their teacher. Carefully input this coupon code into the Activation Key field.


Finally, continue through the install process.  When asked if you want to run this file, Click “Run”.


This will install everything needed to run the curriculum you are using.

It is recommended that you are current with all Windows Updates before running the Programming Prerequisites Installer. You can run the Setup at any time but you may be required to restart your computer during the process if you are not current with Windows Updates.

This program will also install all the software and programs you need on your machine to work through the curriculum exercises. Each of the programs listed below will launch their own installation process and check-off as each item’s installation is complete.


Note: You only have to go through the install process once. If you have already gone through this process you can launch the curriculum from your Start Menu Search feature. Type “DevPro” into the Start Menu Search field and click the DevPro Course Launcher icon.

Log in to your account with your username and password at


Choose which course you wish to launch: Game Design or Game Programming.  You can also access any updated content here.


You now have everything you need to start your class! Be sure to contact your teacher for details on your classroom.




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